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Silver Vantage Software

Using the leading computer vision technologies and machine learning models to solve modern problems 

Our Current Focus - VantageProtection

Fall Detection Using Thermal Imaging

Worried about the well being of your aging family members?
Want to maintain your independence, living alone longer?
This product could be right for you!

We are creating a hands-free fall detection device that examines infrared energy through our thermal sensor, scanning for falls. Upon detection of a fall, a family member or PSW is automatically notified through our mobile app currently being created by Lakehead Software Engineering Alumni!

This system is specifically designed to create peace of mind for families while allowing seniors to maintain their independence, without changing their lifestyle at all.

Coming Soon! - Releasing in Early 2024

Dataset Collection

To continuously improve the accuracy of our system, we need more video samples of people falling and not falling. If you would like to contribute to the collection of these samples, please fill out the following form and we will get back to you!

Where Would You Like The Session To Take Place?

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Meet the Team


Dr. Thangarajah Akilan

Lakehead Professor - Computer Vision Expert

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Alyson MacKay

Manager - Lakehead University Ingenuity

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Founder & Tech Lead

Christopher Silver

Christopher is currently a MaSC Candidate in Computer and Electrical Engineering in Lakehead University. Inspired from his Undergraduate Degree Project, he has extended the project into this business, hoping to improve the lives of those in Northwestern Ontario.

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Dr. Michael Dohan

Lakehead Professor

- Medical Analytics Expert

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We are currently funded by and affiliated with the Lakehead University Ingenuity Department through the Ingenuity Ascend Program.

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